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Saturday, August 3, 2013

My Modern Desk Style

I love my desk and thought I would give you all an updated "tour" of how I have it currently styled. First, let me rave about the desk itself. I'm not a huge Ikea fan - especially when it comes to furniture - but they do have some cool pieces and this is one of them. This is the high gloss white Besta Burs desk. It is very sleek and modern. It is also a very versatile piece as it would work perfectly as an entryway table, side dining buffet table, family room console table, or simply, a desk. I really want a second one for our future home but I can't justify buying another without having a specific place for it.

The white frame was purchased on sale at Michael's for $11. I was inspired by a similar picture on Pinterest that I saw and decided to replicate it. All you need is a picture frame, various gold scrapbooking paper, and white poster board. It's pretty self explanitory.

This is my "lucite" lamp. It ismade of cheaper plastic but has the same acrylic look of the very expensive Kartell brand. In fact, I was at a modern furniture store in downtown San Diego today and saw the Kartell collection in person. I am even more proud of my $15 Target lamp.

Here is a closer look at the base. It is currently available in stores for $30. I scored a deal on mine because the lamp comes with a hot pink shade and a CFL lightbulb. I saw one of the shelf missing both the lighbulb ( I despise CFL's anyway ) and I didn't want a hot pink shade. I promptly took the lamp to customer service and asked if they would mark it down 50%. I walked back to the lamps and picked out a clean white drum shade, which cost $8. This lamp isn't sold online so if interested you will have to check the stock at your local store.

The gold decorative jar by Threshold from Target's Summer 2013 collection works out well for holding my eyeglasses. I usually have both pairs in the jar when I'm not wearing them. To the right is my Bath & Body Works decorative candle holder and candle which I blogged about here. 

Here is an overview of the desk. The gray stool was an awesome Target clearance purchase $10.48 I found last year. It bounced around our store for a couple of months because it didn't have a tag or sku number. I noticed it had been in the store for a while and had the employees track down a sku and price for it. It worked out well in my favor because I got such a great deal on it.

 The last piece to share with you is the gold convex mirror on the wall. This is one of my most favorite decorative items and of all places I found it at Home Depot! It is by the Martha Stewart Collection for $34.97 and can be found here.

I hope you enjoyed seeing how I style my desk!


  1. I like how you organized your desk, I love the white decor accented with some gold specs. I wish I was able to keep my desk so organized, I think my desk is the messiest place of the house. :) I'm really bad. Keep the posts coming!

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