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Sunday, August 4, 2013

How I Organize Dryer Sheets & Gain Dryer Bar Review

I want to start off by saying this is not a paid product review. I am not even associated with Gain in any way. I just love their products and when I was cruising the laundry aisle at the commissary today I saw this Gain dryer bar. I picked up the dryer sheets that I needed but I also tossed this into my buggy.

The cost was just under $4.00. Just a few more cents than a large box of dryer sheets.

I was in the middle of doing laundry when I left to go grocery shopping. When I returned home I promptly removed the dryer bar from the packaging to try it out. It looks a little something like this...a deoderant on a piece of plastic. There is a large sticker on the backside that allows you to stick the device to the drum of the dryer.

 I also want to share this basket I recently picked up. It is a green apple mesh basket I found at HomeGoods while waiting at the checkout for $3.99. It has 3 super strong magnets on the back. I've been looking for a way to organize my dryer sheets. I was looking for some sort of basket I could place on the dryer or maybe a skinny shelf to hold the box of sheets so this is better than what I hoped to find!

You can put the basket on the side of your washer or dryer. I decided to put mine right on the door since the laundry area stays closed when I'm not tending to it.

I actually like to remove the sheets from the box and place them into the basket because it makes them more handy and the laundry area smell great!

Back to the dryer bar...after I placed it in the dryer, I logged onto Amazon to read reviews. The reviews are very mixed and many people complained about the bar leaving white streaks all over their clothes - especially darker clothes. I'll admit I felt a little nervous after reading the reviews. Luckily my load in the dryer consisted of bright or neon colors so I wasn't too worried. I had two pieces of clothing I pulled out that showed white streaks - my red shorts which are pictured above and my purple fitted jeans.

Luckily the bar can be easily removed from the plastic device sticking in the dryer. I am going to keep using it, but only with selective loads.  What is your experience with the Gain or Bounce dryer bar?

** I wanted to add that after a couple of loads, the bar no longer leaves any white residue on our clothing. Be sure to try it out the first few times with light or whites. **


  1. I used the bounce bars when they first came out. I really liked them and never noticed any streaks on my clothing. :)

  2. I haven't used them- actually, I bought one and my husband freaked out at the thought of me attaching something to the inside of the dryer! lol I've been contemplating trying them anyway- how permanent is the plastic device that stays in there?

    1. It adheres to the dryer drum via a large foam sticker that is the size of the plastic device. I haven't tried removing it yet. If you decide to not using the bar, you can pop the dryer bar out leaving the plastic holder in the dryer. The plastic is smooth enough that no clothing should catch on it. My guess is most of the stick will come off the drum when you pull it out, but you'll probably have to have a bottle of Goo-Gone nearby to remove any remaining residue. Hope that helps!