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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Bananas Foster and Homemade Ice Cream

I needed up use up a quart of heavy whipping cream so I threw together a homemade vanilla ice cream recipe and let it refrigerate for a couple of days. I broke out my ice cream attachment for the Kitchen Aid mixer last night and set about churning it.
I wanted to enjoy the ice cream but was running low on toppings. I need toppings so......browsing my favorite recipe website, for ideas, I came across this Bananas Foster II recipe.
Believe it or not, but I haven't had Bananas Foster before. Yeah.....I know. As fond of sweets as I am, I couldn't believe it either. I happen to have a few bananas sitting on the counter that needed to be used so it seemed like it was meant to be. Just as the ice cream was done I made the Bananas Foster recipe so it would be warm when served with the soft, cold ice cream.
It turned out fantastic! A great way to end the day! 

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