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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Turning a Decorative Niche into a Useful Space!

I don't have any photos of this space empty, but going up to our third level, the builder incorporated a decorative niche. Some floor plans in our 'hood have a large square niche while others like ours have two tall skinny spaces. This is a before look as it was a work in progress...

From what I have seen through windows or open houses I toured, most people in our neighborhood decorate by placing large vases, pictures frames, or tall decorative branches in these spaces. I chose to go a different route...

See? That is the awkward space up there at the top of our third floor. The left side can be reached, but the right requires a stool.

I opted to utilize the space while adding style.

The reachable left side has IKEA boxes that contain our daughter's DVD's. I added two matching IKEA magazine boxes. I tuck DVD's that need to be stored into one while the other holds photos that need to be put away at another time. The yellow pot and fake plant on top of the boxes is also from IKEA.

The unreachable right side has the same IKEA boxes in various size which contain photographs. I decided to put them there because they are rarely touched. Eventually when the magazine box on the left fills up, I will put them away into the larger boxes on the right.The yellow vase was a Crate and Barrel thrift find and I just added the finishing touch of my beloved weathervane my husband likes to make fun of. I purchased it at Target several years ago.

It took some time to tweak but in the end I am very happy with this space. It makes me smile everytime I walk up the stairs. I turned an awkward decorative niche into a useable area for storage while accenting the with pops of color and playing with the height of the area.


  1. I think it looks great while it is also useful! Oh, I really like the weathervane (husbands just don't understand women sometimes ) Janel in NJ

  2. So cute! My friend has a house with a couple of similar random nooks. I need to pass this idea on to her!