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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Desk Style: Inside and Out!

I am loving my high gloss white desk. So fresh and modern, it works perfectly for my needs. I styled the desk area with this gold starburst convex mirror by Martha Stewart. Home Depot carries this mirror in stores for $35. It measures 30 x 30".

To offset my laptop, I have a now dead plant (note to self, need to replace!)  in my favorite aqua flower plant. My favorite photo of my sister which was taken in a coffee shop sits framed by teal. I got the frame from Pier 1 Imports a few years ago. The gold urchin is one of my newest purchases. It is from the Nate Berkus Collection currently at Target for $9.99.

The inside is just as sweet as the outside. I keep it organized thanks to the silicone dividers I picked up at Ikea. You can cut them to fit most desk drawers. The left drawer belongs to my daughter. It hold most of her markers and colored pencils as well as pencils, erasers, tape, and Post It notepads.

The right drawer belongs to me. It contains my Sharpie markers, extra tape for the dispenser, battery charger, the lighter I use for candles, EOS lip balm, pens, glue stick, and a notebook of paper for shopping lists.


  1. Love the desk and the organisation in the drawers is great. Love being able to see all the colours.

    1. Hey thanks! The color gives interest and makes it fun each and every time we open the drawer. Being excited helps to maintain organization! :) Thank you for comment. :)

  2. I just love how you decorate!!! You find the best things at a great price! I'm so loving the organization in your desk drawers! Your Sunday Adventure vlog was the scenery in San Diego! Janel in NJ