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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Turning a Decorative Niche into a Useful Space!

I don't have any photos of this space empty, but going up to our third level, the builder incorporated a decorative niche. Some floor plans in our 'hood have a large square niche while others like ours have two tall skinny spaces. This is a before look as it was a work in progress...

From what I have seen through windows or open houses I toured, most people in our neighborhood decorate by placing large vases, pictures frames, or tall decorative branches in these spaces. I chose to go a different route...

See? That is the awkward space up there at the top of our third floor. The left side can be reached, but the right requires a stool.

I opted to utilize the space while adding style.

The reachable left side has IKEA boxes that contain our daughter's DVD's. I added two matching IKEA magazine boxes. I tuck DVD's that need to be stored into one while the other holds photos that need to be put away at another time. The yellow pot and fake plant on top of the boxes is also from IKEA.

The unreachable right side has the same IKEA boxes in various size which contain photographs. I decided to put them there because they are rarely touched. Eventually when the magazine box on the left fills up, I will put them away into the larger boxes on the right.The yellow vase was a Crate and Barrel thrift find and I just added the finishing touch of my beloved weathervane my husband likes to make fun of. I purchased it at Target several years ago.

It took some time to tweak but in the end I am very happy with this space. It makes me smile everytime I walk up the stairs. I turned an awkward decorative niche into a useable area for storage while accenting the with pops of color and playing with the height of the area.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Desk Style: Inside and Out!

I am loving my high gloss white desk. So fresh and modern, it works perfectly for my needs. I styled the desk area with this gold starburst convex mirror by Martha Stewart. Home Depot carries this mirror in stores for $35. It measures 30 x 30".

To offset my laptop, I have a now dead plant (note to self, need to replace!)  in my favorite aqua flower plant. My favorite photo of my sister which was taken in a coffee shop sits framed by teal. I got the frame from Pier 1 Imports a few years ago. The gold urchin is one of my newest purchases. It is from the Nate Berkus Collection currently at Target for $9.99.

The inside is just as sweet as the outside. I keep it organized thanks to the silicone dividers I picked up at Ikea. You can cut them to fit most desk drawers. The left drawer belongs to my daughter. It hold most of her markers and colored pencils as well as pencils, erasers, tape, and Post It notepads.

The right drawer belongs to me. It contains my Sharpie markers, extra tape for the dispenser, battery charger, the lighter I use for candles, EOS lip balm, pens, glue stick, and a notebook of paper for shopping lists.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Life's Randomness

I've been on a hiatus, life has been crazy since the school year began and I have been neglecting my blog. Here I will share with you some of my life's random moments in photos. So let's get started...
...I'm totally thrilled with this Candies houndstooth jacket I thrifted for $13. It pays to live in a nice area. It means our thrift stores are loaded with great items just waiting for me to find them!

I also picked up "Gone Girl" by Gillian Flynn. I already read this book which is a fantastically crazy book if you haven't read it. I have a sister in college who appreciates being able to read but not having to fork over the money at a book store so I keep my eye out for great reads to send her.

I met up with a great friend for lattes and brioche breakfast pastries. Great friendships are important.

As a lover of aqua I was awe when I found 3 KitchenAid utensils that I didn't have. I'm never going to use the meat tenderizer but who cares, it's aqua. (I collect everything aqua by KitchenAid.)

I love you Ballard Designs! My new gray chevron rug came in. It is a runner for the entryway. These rugs are magical. Seriously, they are indestructible but most importantly, stylish.

We had great weather recently, enough to sit outside on the patio in the mornings with my husband. It is one of my favorite things to do.

I went shopping with a friend who was looking for special occasion dresses and I stumbled upon this Ann Taylor dress for an occasion coming up in April. I love the modest and classy cut.

Okay....probably seems like all I do is meet up with friends for coffee, right? Meeting up for coffee is great for us moms to do while the children are in school. I met up with another friend and we went to Chi Chocolat for their mochas. The photo speaks for itself.

I snagged this hard to find pillow at HomeGoods. Anything chevron flies off the shelf within a day. I got this for our master bedroom, however, it is currently in the entryway. I'm working on finding a pillow for the entry...

Sorting through clothes in my daughter's room. Can you spy a cat in this picture?

My husband ran his third Rock N' Roll marathon in a year so far...I'm very proud of him.

We cleaned up the garage. I'm taking a break to enjoy the rain we get so little of in Southern California.

I took my daughter to a rock climbing birthday party for a friend of hers. She was very unsure at first but slowly gained confidence. It was a joy to watch.

A friend of mine had back surgery and I baked some cookies for her and her family when I went to visit.

Settled on this dress on for my daughter to wear for my brother's upcoming spring wedding.

Crazy book! I read it in a day.

Recent outfit of the day. Rocking some Minnetonka moccasins, Joes Jeans, J. Crew plaid top, Tory Burch purse, Aldo necklace.


~ House of Aqua