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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Sneak Peek Of Our New Home!

Long story short - we've moved! Here are some snapshots of the new place. I am overall very happy with the way it turned out. That may also be due to the fact we are mostly settled. Believe me, it has been a very long week of moving. I will have better pictures to follow this soon.

In the midst of all of the chaos, I nearly forgot I am turning 30 years old by the end of the week. If it wasn't for this rug that arrived from Ballard Designs I think I would have seriously forgotten my own birthday. Honest. I picked this rug out as my birthday present and it arrived a few days ago. I am super pleased with it.

We have this awkward decorative space in the hallway going upstairs. I decided to utilize the space by storing photos, DVD's, and drawing paper in IKEA boxes. I added more boxes and styled it a bit differently since taking this photo, so I will update you all on this soon.

The kitchen....still coming along. The gray runner doesn't fit this space well s


  1. I love your new place! I can't wait to see new photos after your put everything in its place.


  2. Are you a pro interior designer? Your house looks refreshing and cozy. I love the herringbone pattern of your carpet paired with that plush stuff right there. Also, the black and white combination makes the area look more spacious. Congratulations for having a new home! I can almost feel the excitement that will fill your house warming party! =)

    Julio Germaine