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Friday, October 19, 2012

Halloween Bake Sale Ideas

I know I have been neglecting this blog for a while. Life has been busy lately! My daughter's elementary school holds an annual Halloween Carnival each year. I love donating to the bake sale at the carnival. I scrolled through the photos on my computer trying to get ideas of things to make. I like to make multiple baked goods to donate. Below are some of my ideas...
I would love to make a classic large chocolate chip cookies House of Aqua style! That means I bake with milk chocolate chips and add M&M's. Who can resist an extra large cookie?

Next! I want to make the same cookies but in an extra small size.

Then I will make them into an irresistable treat by sandwiching buttercream between the cookies.

I think they would be a huge hit!

I was kicking around the idea of making these smooth brownie cookies and dipping them into orange candy melts instead of white chocolate for a Halloween twist.

Sugar cookie roll outs are at the top of my list. I am thinking orange pumpkins and perhaps a fall design like above for variety.

Hey! I could totally go for the candy pumpkin! Funny enough I am sitting here eating the same Brach's Autumn Mix, but sadly my bag only came with something like four pumpkins!

Anyways....I could make a Halloween candy fudge?

Cupcakes always seem to be a huge hit. I am planning on making cupcakes of some type but most importantly using the same extra small chocolate chip cookies as a top.

Cupcakes with a marshmallow fondant decoration.

Fall chocolate chip cookies - House of Aqua style again.

Popcorn in baggies! Easy!


  1. I love the fall chocolate chip cookies and the Halloween fudge candy! It would be appropriate to make them festive for the holiday!

  2. Great job! They look so yummy. I like the sugar cookies especially! WOW

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  5. Hi,

    I am working on an article for iVillage about bake-sale ideas and we are considering your photo of the cookie-topped cupcake for the upcoming slideshow.

    May we have permission to use this photo? Could you send me a high-res version and the photo credit?


    Ellen Niz
    IVillage contributor

  6. Hi, Ellen from iVillage again. Could you email me at I'd like to find out of we can use your photo of the cookie-topped cupcake for an upcoming article. Thanks! Ellen