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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Latte Love, Lately

I am elated that the Pumpkin Spice Latte at Starbucks is back. Fall must be around the corner, although not in Southern California.  

I haven't tried the Salted Caramel Mocha, but I did sample the Salt Caramel Chocolate Cake Pop.  


I have been experimenting with different drinks and made this cappucino pictured above. I personally don't like them although most cappucinos are flavored, traditionally they are not. This one was more traditional with espresso, milk, and foam.  


I met a friend for coffee at Peet's Coffee & Tea and I have never been a fan of their drinks. They tend to be hot and lack flavor. Knowing this I ordered a Chai Latte (more milk and concentrate to flavor the drink) and added Gingerbread flavoring to it. I also asked for whip, which apparently they are very generous with and that is okay with me. This drink wasn't too bad. 


I have been making my own Vanilla Lattes at home and taking them with me on the go. I make a homemade simple vanilla syrup for lattes that I use for flavoring. I purchase the aqua paper cups and lids at Party City (they have a wide variety of colors to chose from) and purchased the chevron sleeve from Etsy.  


Since it warm hot outside, I have been drinking cold Chai Lattes made at home with half milk, half chai concentrate. I am partial to Oregon Chai, but I also buy Tazo as well. I go without ice as I find it makes it too watery for my liking.


We stopped by a place called Jitterz Coffee & Cafe in my hometown in August while visiting. I made it my mission to try local coffee houses and Jitterz was first on my list. I was disappointed by the overall lack of flavor. My sister and I shared a "Pumpkin Spice" latte which actually tasted much like a watered down Vanilla Latte. I should not my sister works at Starbucks but is very open to coffee everywhere and felt the same way as me about this drink.  


Next up on my coffee house tour in my hometown in Iowa was a place called One Mean Bean that I always wanted to try. I ordered a Vanilla Latte and wasn't impressed with it as it also lacked flavor, was very hot and a bit on the watery side. The location is absolutely beautiful, situated in an old building with intricate mouldings and high ceilings. It is a great place to kick back and read e-mails or a book.  


My usual summer drink at Stabucks is the Caramel Macchiato. We stopped by a local grocery store that has a Starbucks inside to grab a drink and a Maple Donut from the deli.  


Back home in San Diego, we checked out the local farmer's market in Little Italy on a Saturday Morning. The first thing we saw upon entering the market was a bright orange coffee truck called Joes On The Nose. Upon viewing the menu, they have some crazy awesome drinks and I got the Aloha Latte. It is described as Mocha with Macadamia Nut and Coconut - topped with Homemade Coconut Whipped Cream. It was uh-mazing! I can't wait to go back to the market to try another delicious drink of theirs.


An old favorite of mine is the Mexican Mocha from The Upstart Crow in Seaport Village. I decided to try something different the other, a Mocha Cinnamon Latte. It rivals the Mexican Mocha for my heart!

***What are your favorite coffee drinks? Do you prefer hot or cold? Whip or no whip? Do you have a favorite place for coffee? Please share in the comments! *** 

1 comment:

  1. Hi!
    I am a fellow coffee and coffee drink lover!
    I will go out of my way to try new coffee shops. :)
    My fav. drink is a half-caff 16 ounce americano from my local coffe shop, The Roadhouse, in Winsted. I gotta have half and half and raw sugar(it has a syrupy taste)! They have the best espresso but the owner keeps the brand a secret and doesn't sell it!
    I love a dark chocolate mocha also, but as I have gotten older I don't like the super sweet drinks anymore. So just half the chocolate!
    I don't like americanos from Starbucks or Caribou (waayyy to strong!) I used to love starbucks but I'm not crazy about the espresso they use. It tastes kind of burnt. Caribou is hit or miss.
    I love the coffee pics!