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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Home Goods Happy ?!?!

I visited Home Goods twice in the last week. Most of the time I browse the store and admire many things that I love but can live without. During my last two trips to the store I found all sorts of things I loved. Some of them I bought and some of them I just took a picture of. Below are some photos I took...I will let you know which items I purchased.
Martha Stewart grinders for sea salt or peppercorns. They came in this lovely mint color.

I came across this awesome retro paper straws. As much as I love them I passed them up because a box of 50 was still $9.99.

Aqua...need I say more?

More aqua with green apple on the flip side.

KitchenAid aqua silicone tongs. You know I can't pass up anything aqua from KitchenAid. These were $9.99.

I also purchased this strainer/colander by KitchenAid for $9.99. These were pieces I didn't have yet!

I saw this super cool clock and I also love them white box it is sitting on for my jewelry.

It was hard to pass up these glass jars. I don't know what it is, but the chicken wire covering it really had me. This one was priced at $29.99.

There was a cheaper option priced at $14.99 because the wire was thinner.

I purchased this mirror I had my eye on for the last month. I am surprised it was still there after all that time.

A close up of the color....this is going in my entryway. It was $29.99.

I decided I really needed something else in the same navy color. After pushing my cart through a couple of aisles I saw this jar. It is actually a soy candle and it fits what I was looking for. It was $7.99 I also got a shiny silver LED candle that flickers to go next to it.

Finally, I saw a large selection of gray curtains for $19.99 each which includes 2 panels. I hard a terrible time deciding between the textures and ended up purchasing a texture that was different from the three on the cart above! They look great in our master bedroom and I couldn't beat the price.

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