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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Gift Idea - Latte & Hot Chocolate Mix

My dear friend was kind enough to watch our cat while we were visiting family in Iowa for a week in August. I wanted to give her a little something to show my appreciation and this is what I came up with.

While at a one of my favorite local places in Iowa called The Calico Bean Market I picked up some rich hot chocolate and espresso cream latte. They come in clear baggies with sticker labels, not exactly attractive when presenting someone a gift so I decided to browse Home Goods because they always have a great selection of interesting jars.

I decided one two glass jars with gold lids. They came with plain sticker labels of their own, but I decided to break out my lovely Martha Stewart Collection sticker labels instead. The mixes just fit into the jars so I can say the size was just perfect!

Back to those sticker labels that were on the baggies...well I carefully peeled them off and stuck them onto a blank notecard. I wanted to keep the labels because they have mixing directions on them. I noticed the directions suggest water but anyone who enjoys a good creamy hot chocolate or latte knows you have to use milk! I wrote my personal suggestion of using milk on the back of the notecard.

'Voila! Done...well almost. I purchased a coffee mug to complete the gift set.
This would make a great teacher, thank you, or family gift this upcoming fall and winter. You know now that it is practically fall the stores already have some Christmas stuff out. It is just around the corner!



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